Surge protection

Surge protectionSurges are sudden and unexpected spikes in voltage that travel throughout your electrical system. Some surges come from within the building. Other surges may be caused by outside forces such as in electric utility switching, downed power poles, cut power lines, or lightning strikes. In some cases, surges can even enter through cable televisions and telephone wiring. Whatever the cause, surges can be very damaging to your business equipment, computers, or home appliances. It is our goal to help you understand the potential implications and deliver the necessary protection to your business or home.

UPS battery backups

Uninterrupted power supply battery backupFor businesses, enterprises and agencies who can’t afford down-time due to a power outage or who are looking to protect their expensive electronic and data handling products from power surges, ATEC offers system analysis and installation of UPS (uninterruptible power supply) products. We can help you make sure that your PCs, communications equipment, enterprise servers, and other sensitive electronics will always stay powered on.

Thermal imaging

Framing and missing insulation Thermal Imaging plays a crucial role in lowering energy costs and preventing property loss or damage due to unseen conditions. This is a non-invasive inspection technique showing the amount of heat in your electrical system which can reveal several problems that may be present. These can include overcurrent, bad insulation, or poor ventilation – all of which will lead to failure. Loose connections, open fuses, and overheated breakers are easily identified. At ATEC, we work with commercial and residential customers to help them dramatically lower their energy bills and eliminate electrical problems.